'A dog lives for the day, the hour, even the moment'
Robert Falcon Scott


Harvey's Storybooks for children ...

wants to show young kids the importance of looking after themselves, caring for the animals, protecting the environment - and having lots of fun in the process!


“Always try your best, concentrate well, work together, share your ideas because everyday there will be something else to learn”

My book opens with Harvey the Lifestyle Dog®, a puppy who came into my life when I least expected it. He arrived with special magic that inspired me to write storybooks for children, culminating in a series of activity books (and more) all associated with the common ground we share.

By sharing habits, emotions and behaviour local council projects associated with lifestyle and the environment inspired the original trademark, it set the ball rolling to make learning fun and 

interactive for parents, carers and teachers to join in.


By now Harvey recognised how his lifestyle had so much to give back to help make a difference to the lives of youngsters, and he set out to reach schoolchildren, who came to adore him! 

Take a fun-filled journey of enjoyment and discovery. A waggly tail awaits with a slobbery lick, cold wet nose and a toy box full of tricks.


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