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'Every once in a while a dog enters your life. And changes everything.' Author unknown 


Inspired to produce my own range of activity storybooks to help raise awareness of social, environmental and health concerns amongst young children, their parents, carers, guardians and teachers are only the beginning of a long list projects.


Currently, I have stories available in my series of: Learn to Care, A Way of Life and the Roving Reporter. These interactive challenging storybooks cover a diverse range of subjects, from water conservation, the importance of trees, and caring for your pets to an adventure of being a Cadet in the UK armed forces.


The stories vary and should appeal to the very young through to primary school children. I would like to think my work can give something back to help make a difference - I am already working with related charity organisations to help raise funds to support their respective cause.


My track record proves I can support a specific campaign that needs to reach youngsters. My lifestyle messages can be adapted to any subject and anyone who wishes to educate their cause to our future generation should get in touch - I'm sure your time will not be wasted!

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