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Is to communicate to young children positive enjoyment in looking after themselves, looking after animals, looking after the environment - and having a great deal of fun in the process.

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'When I believe in something. I'm like a dog with a bone.'

Milissa McCarthy


My chance to find you has been a long time coming! Getting involved in projects, supporting campaigns, charities, visiting schools and more has helped me to build the confidence I needed to develop a range of subjects relating to the common sense of life.


From my days as the Roving Reporter for Dogs Monthly magazine, my ideas travelled to Malta's Junior News (Times of Malta) and Saghtar (a monthly school publication). Leading on to my current position of supporting the HSBC water programme – Catch the Drop.* To be seen at Malta International Airport, Esplora Science Museum and the Mater Dei hospital gives me a great presence around primary school children on the island.




My experience with Catch the Drop in Malta has given me a passport to invite anyone to come with with me, share ideas and see how we can change the world!


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