Happy talking...


'There ain't a man livin' who hasn't talked to his dog.'

Hank Williams

HSBC invests close to €1 million on water conservation in Malta

The bulk of the investment was stewarded by the award-winning HSBC Malta Catch the Drop campaign


In the area of publishing, the campaign supported the production of a number of materials, but the most popular turned out to be the Harvey the Lifestyle Dog® series. 50,000 copies of activity books for children made their way to Esplora, Mater Dei Hospital, Malta International Airport, and dozens of schools.




Within 25 years England will not have enough water to meet demand

Saving water, wherever you are in the world, is one reason why we should all find ways to use less and recycle what we have - no matter the climate. 


National pet month

Celebrating National Pet Month's 30th Anniversary reminds me that I've been leaving my mark at their door for a good twenty-five years!

I am making a donation from the sales of my Learn to Care for Pets activity books for children to raise funds for National Pet Month's education.


The Sky's the Limit

Every day we should think about saving our planet. We live in a throwaway world where rubbish, rubbish, and even more rubbish has to go somewhere.


Please help Planet Earth survive the 'climate crisis' for us to live safely and happily in a healthy environment.


As the plight of trees is in the news … let's go plant some trees

PHEW! I was all hot and bothered; it had been a busy day, my paws were sore and my legs ached because I had just planted two hundred trees, with a little help from my friends. Now, I just wanted to go to sleep in the shade of the leafy tree at the bottom of my garden ...

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