Within 25 years England will not have enough water to meet demand – warning from the Environment Agency.

Saving water, wherever you are in the world, is one reason why we should all find ways to use less and recycle what we have - no matter the climate. 


In support of Water Aid the sale of my Learn to Care for Water activity book for children will help raise funds for the charity – please make all my hard work worthwhile.


How to save water at home


There are many ways to recycle and save water at home, from taking a shower instead of a bath, to turning off the tap whilst brushing your teeth.


Here are my top ten tips to get you started!


1) Repair dripping taps now.


2) Do not leave the tap running while you brush your teeth.


3) Don't overfill the kettle when making a hot drink.


4) Take a quick shower rather than a bath.


5) Only use the washing machine or dishwasher when you have a full load.


6) Think before throwing used water down the drain! How can it be reused?


7) Only use a hose pipe when you really have to.


8) Keep the water catchment area and the cistern in your home in good condition.


9) Use water from the kitchen or bathroom to water the garden or wash floors, cars and more.


10Consider a second-class water flushing system for your home.

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