Just as I'm shouting out a reminder about global warming, yet another hole appears in the ozone layer and we must do all we can to mend it!


Climbing to the top of my 'fix-it ladder' and standing on the tips of my paws, I try to reach the sky with sticking plasters to patch up the hole in the ozone layer. At the same time, I’m listening to my friends as they hold the ladder to make it safe.


“Be careful Harvey!” … “Are those plasters sticking?”


My friends thought I was messing around because they couldn't really see the hole in the sky. I said, “It’s there alright and the protected thin layer around Planet Earth is letting us know how the ozone is getting overheated.”


Just then a flock of gulls appeared, squawking and wailing as they flew past. “Let us help you,

Harvey! “We know all about global warming and how it's confusing nature. We never know if we are coming or going because weather patterns are changing. It's our way of life to seek a warmer climate before winter sets in so we fly south … or is it north, east … or is it west?


“Something up in the sky is playing games!”


We like games, they are fun! But it’s not fun when farm crops, trees and plants can't remember when to blossom or bear fruit all because the ozone layer is breaking down.

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