As the plight of trees is in the news … let's go plant some trees


PHEW! I was all hot and bothered; it had been a busy day, my paws were sore and my legs ached because I had just planted two hundred trees, with a little help from my friends. Now, I just wanted to go to sleep in the shade of the leafy tree at the bottom of my garden ...


It all began on the farm when the farmer had to chop down trees to make way for a new road that was going to lead to a housing estate. The disruption to health and nature for the sake of destroying the environment was sad and I wondered if I could help in any way. 


When the farmer chased me off his land two days ago, I discovered he was a man of nature and had prepared to replace the trees. There were at least 200 baby trees ready to plant and because I love to run around the open fields, I thought he might give in if I offered to gather my friends to help him plant his trees.



Help from my furry friends would be easy to round up but I needed a good plan to reach the children at the local school. Out of the blue, my friend with the red tummy came to pester me. Tweeting and twittering, he said,  'Harvey, you look puzzled. What can I do?’ I told him that I needed some extra hands to help me with a tree-planting job down at the farm, and wondered if he could drop a message into the school. ‘Leave it to me,’ he said, and off he went flying here and flying there, picking up twigs and straw to build a nest above the front door of the school. A nest that was so big the children could hardly open the door when trying to escape the chores of dreaded homework. 


Homework, that’s a good one! Outdoor homework is a different story; it’s more like fun and good exercise - even better if you are working hard to help others. At least by planting trees, we can give the birds a better place to build a home – and not above the entrance door to the school!


By chance, the children had just had a lesson on how trees protect the land. Without trees, nature gets mixed up and the weather becomes topsy-turvy, which is not healthy. It’s like magic when the leaves make the air that we breathe fresh by sucking up all the bad fumes that come from cars and planes or anything else that is not natural.


We set to work, one digging and one planting, only to be reminded that it was not like pawing the ground to bury a bone that is dug up the next day! We had to dig deep and wide, leaving lots of space for the roots to fit and enough room between each tree for the branches to spread. Luckily, the time of year was right for planting and all we had to do was make sure that the baby trees had enough food and water to grow, and grow…grow…gro…grrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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