It's me, Harvey!


'Dogs do speak but only to those who know how to listen.'

Orhan Pamuk


Extracts from my diary ...


‘When Swindon Health Promotion and Swindon Borough Council Leisure Services gave me my first opportunity, I had no idea how my life would change. Health and fitness became more exciting as lifestyle became more fun. By illustrating how to be safe in the sun, keep fit, stop smoking I then joined the Junior Schools Fitness Roadshow programme targeting 7,000 children throughout Swindon. Get Active Week was also part of my agenda; it was so exciting when all the children were more than willing to welcome me on board. These projects formalised my trademark name of Harvey the lifestyle dog – which follows me wherever I go!


‘I enjoy my life as a dog but there are times when I become human. By offering entertainment and education to children as well as adults, while linking the needs of a pet in a shared environment, I can prove just how much we have in common. As projects were tried and tested, I sensed that I really did have something that children could believe in. “Harvey makes coming to school more fun,” said one child from Carlton Junior School in Gloucester (local BBC radio interview). 


‘I was the dog that went to Annabel’s Nightclub in Mayfair, having reached the finals of Office Dog of the Year (the launch of 'Take your Dog to Work Day'). I won the title of ‘Super Model’ and while this did not go to my head it helped me to build my plans and gave me the added confidence to never give up – my intentions were good and the children loved me. I achieved celebrity status and also rubbed shoulders with a few well-known names, resulting in publishing opportunities and adding publicity stunts to my CV.


‘My list of experiences is endless and after all these years I decided it was time to capture those moments and write educational books for kids about my adventures. Lifestyle will always be the theme because that’s how it all began and continues throughout my happy and contented life!’


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