Knowledge gained through a career in the business world helped me to understand and appreciate the basics of working for myself, setting a solid platform for me to become self-employed.


I had always desired to be creative and ideas connected to art, design and writing kept me on the edge of my seat. By latching on to every opportunity, and through a sequence of circumstances, I opened the door to a graphic design partnership and the door to a life's dream.


I never believed a dream could come true until the day Harvey came into my life. A dog, a character and an inspiration – his appeal introduced me to so many people who have become good friends. He changed my life and, in the process, touched the lives of so many.


Jennifer Hyland

Once upon a time ...


'Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.' W R Purche


Harvey melted the hearts of everyone who met him - his appeal led to many opportunities that took him to places where no dog had gone before!


Locally, he met hundreds of children and professional people who were overwhelmed by Harvey's appreciation of them and his ability to do what was expected of him. He was a magnet to the children and they could not resist him - I fondly recall ‘Harvey mania’ at Shaw Ridge Primary School, Swindon.


Harvey's adventures and experiences inspired the creation of a cartoon character and eventually led to a publisher who gave him a chance and the confidence to recognise what he has to offer. 


It's been a wonderful experience and in memory of Harvey and appreciation of everyone who supported him over the years he remains dedicated to his cause and will always encourage a healthy lifestyle (with no pressure) through books and merchandise.

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