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My book opens with Harvey the Lifestyle Dog®, a puppy who came into my life when I least expected it. He arrived with special magic that inspired me to write for children, culminating in a series of activity storybooks (and more) all associated with the common ground we share in our respective traits!


Once upon a time ...


'Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.' W R Purche


Harvey melted the hearts of everyone who met him - his appeal led to many opportunities that took him to places where no dog had gone before!


Locally, he met hundreds of children and professional people who were overwhelmed by Harvey's appreciation of them and his ability to do what was expected of him. He was a magnet to the children and they could not resist him - I fondly recall ‘Harvey mania’ at Shaw Ridge Primary School, Swindon.


Harvey's adventures and experiences inspired the creation of a cartoon character and eventually led to a publisher who gave him a chance and the confidence to recognise what he has to offer. 


It's been a wonderful experience and in memory of Harvey and appreciation of everyone who supported him over the years he remains dedicated to his cause and will always encourage a healthy lifestyle (with no pressure) through children's books and merchandise.

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